Is Your Team Aligned Around Your Story?

Have you ever watched a tug-o-war? Large amounts of energy are expended, and many times the rope only moves a small distance. This is because the forces are working against each other rather than towards a common goal.

Tug-o-war… a game of stand-still

The same is true with organizations, people have responsibilities that they care for, and, rightfully so, will come in conflict with other people and their responsibilities. In healthy companies, they become checks and balances on each other. This is why it’s difficult for internal marketing to do all the messaging for mergers and acquisitions, new product introductions and other critical initiatives, because there are many issues that go well beyond the marketing realm. An outside facilitator can be the objective, even-handed leader so each group to contribute it’s expertise, be it executive-vision, product development, marketing, sales or service.

Momentum… the weight & speed of your story

Now put all that force working in the same direction, and you get great strength and speed, like a rowing team, or a team of draft-horses pulling immense weight. This is the power of alignment. Your product leadership team (QUORUM) needs to help draft your message, and ultimately your story and strategy, and having experienced ArrowHead3 facilitation, your QUORUM will work through a proven process, hit all the needed bumps in the road, and then find the ways around them. Your team will create your story and they will be passionately on board with it, because they knew the process it took to get there.

ArrowHead3 then uses members of your QUORUM to roll-out your story to your field force. Sales will better appreciate your new story because of the QUORUM who helped develop it. When someone says, “why don’t we try something like…” your QUORUM members will be able to quickly respond intelligently, increasing the speed of adoption, and the depth of field commitment.

This gives your message and story the ever important element of Consistency. Instead of brand dilution, you get brand crystallization and momentum. Even mediocre messages with consistent delivery can be more effective than a great message with fragmented content and delivery.

“ArrowHead3 draws out wisdom you didn’t know your company had and helps hone it to perfection. Outstanding work that will change the way we do business.”
-Janet Eden-Harris, CEO

Buyer “gets it” faster

Your buyer will appreciate the smooth hand-offs and clarity, and will be able to make a buy decision faster. Your growth is insured with an aligned team, instead of only one person telling your story (or planting the seeds), you have many people telling it effectively, even persuading your buyer to become your storyteller. Think of the growth potential. It’s no wonder that Consistency is mission critical to winning your story war.