What Is Your Winning Story?

Are you depending upon an outside agency to create your “winning story” for your field to go to war with? If so, you probably won’t have a winning story. Our experience has shown us that a winning story must be owned by your product leadership team, what we call your QUORUM.

If your QUORUM creates a winning story, chances are good they will own it and have their fingerprints on it. This is one of the keys to passionate delivery and what makes for a winning story.

5 Cs of Your Winning Story

Your story needs to be Crystallized down to your ArrowHead (your 15 second version of your unique value proposition).

It needs to be Compelling to your buyer, quickly showing what’s in it for them. It also needs to be compelling to your team, they must own it. This only happens when your team is intimately involved in the creation of your story.

Your story needs to be Competitive, showing why your solution is the solution for your ideal buyer (your “Zebra”). Your team should quickly and easily be able to show how other products fall short of yours.

The delivery of your story must be Consistent. Like an orchestra, all the players must be on the same page and in harmony with each other. But when there is dissonance about what your story is, confusion will reign, discounts will be demanded, and your sales cycle will be lengthened.

Finally, your story must be Credible. Your buyer needs a comfort level, or trust of you and your solution. Using the right client stories, or supporting features at the right time can give you this credibility. But without discipline, your team will overload the buyer with features, functions and facts and your buyer will walk away confused.

Armed with a winning story, your team will be aligned, passionately deliver your story, and you will win more business faster… that’s winning the story war… that’s happily ever after.

“The workshop provided a framework to organize my thoughts, and my message. It reinforced the theme that less is more.”
– Drew W., Product Marketing Manager