Our Work

“Outstanding participation. The best workshop we’ve ever done in terms of results we can use tomorrow to make the business accelerate.”

“I would recommend ArrowHead3 to any company looking to clarify a complex product story for maximum impact.”

-Janet Eden-Harris, CEO, Umbria

“Incredible, exceeded expectations. Helped me to give clarity to the Umbria message.”

-Tim Guzman, Sales Manager

“I feel armed with a distinct and succinct message that my prospects will understand. I now have a credible way to deliver our value”

“Best training I have ever had. I am truly armed & confident to engage prospect and uncover the right opportunities.”

-Todd Morin, Inside Sales Manager

“It enabled me to understand and embrace the uniqueness of Umbria and co-develop the messaging.”

-Monike D’Agostino, Business Solutions Consultant

“Clarity on the key selling points of our products. There was more focus on our specific business—with actionable results.”

-Richard Wolniewicz, VP Engineering

“Great help with communication strategies and distillation of our key messaging.”

“ArrowHead3 did a fantastic job of making the content relevant and truly understanding our business and driving us to divine the key components of our messages that are most important to our clients and prospects.”

-David Howlett, VP Consumer Insights & Strategy

“This clear message will enable me to focus my initiatives and ideally communicate the value of our offering. It was much more interactive and engaging than any other training.”

-Susan Kohut, Director of Channels

“Thank you for such a great and productive positioning session. Without a doubt, it was one of the most impactful and memorable workshops I’ve been to, probably ever.”

-Michael Sevilla, Director of Product Management

“This StoryQuiver™ is an excellent blueprint for applying the knowledge from your working session to our business. It captures and maximizes the value your program delivers.”

“At the conclusion of your onsite workshop, you had already demonstrated the value well beyond our expectations. But to then receive your StoryQuiver™, a practical summary of the workshop and next steps, simply multiplies the value of your program.”

“Fabulous stuff. We were blown-away by the brilliance of the ArrowHead™ program.”

-John Purnell, Founder, World Trade Institute