Storytelling is Greater Than Story

Even a mediocre message or story, told with passion, will beat a great story told poorly. Does your marketing team spend inordinate hours and days to create elaborate PowerPoint presentations for sales to deliver? How much passion is there when sales people deliver these presentations?

Generally there’s not a whole lotta life in these presentations, mostly because sales didn’t help create it. PowerPoint can be a very effective tool, but most of the time, it is the sole presentation tool, sapping the life out of even a great story.

Proven Tools to Tell Your Story

ArrowHead3 is unique in how it uses a few of your sales champions to help create your story, then helps your team roll out your new story with presentation and storytelling techniques that are proven and unique. Spikes to grab your buyers attention and make the story stick; the ArrowHead to keep your message tight, and the StoryArc to give your unique message a story-flow. The StoryArc is designed to cut persuasion time in half because your buyer sees themselves using your solution faster. These tools are not only effective in building rapport with your buyer, but your sales people will find them inspiring to use.

Your frontline people will passionately own your story, and feel liberated in having additional tools to tell and sell your story.

“60 days after the training, ArrowHead3’s storytelling approach really got our sales and client services organization fired up! ArrowHeads and Spikes, man… we’re seeing it work at our company.”
-Melinda P., VP Client Services