What We Do

Companies with complex products can easily confuse their customers with their product messages. They try to “teach” buyers about their product instead of “persuading” them to buy it.

Frequently product teams tell different versions of the story causing the customer confusion, and even causing chaos within the organization. This confusion and chaos leads to long sales cycles, discounting and lost sales.

ArrowHead3 Consulting helps companies create Stories That Win. Product leadership teams are led through the “ArrowHead” process that crystallizes for buyers the Clear and Compelling reasons to buy their product. These teams now work from the same playbook and tell their story with passion and persuasion. The Result: shorter sales cycles, less discounting, and more sales.

Creating Stories That Win involves three steps that can be done from beginning to end in a matter of weeks, or done separately depending upon your needs.

Time: 2-4 Days
Product Leadership Team of 5-12

An ArrowHead3 consultant will guide your team through the “ArrowHead” process to determine your product’s key messages. Your cross-functional team will balance their skills with each other as they craft the key points for your product. ArrowHead Messaging™ can be done in 2-4 days, and can be broken up over two weeks if needed. Your team will create a StoryQuiver™, which is a summary of their work that can be communicated to other team members to insure a consistent, clear and compelling telling of your product story.

Time: 2 Days
Team: Customer-Facing Team Members

Your customer-facing team will learn techniques of business’ master storytellers and presenters. If your company did an ArrowHead Messaging™ process for your company or product, your team will be introduced to your StoryQuiver™ and will craft their own storyboards on how to tell your story. They will learn effective presentation and storytelling tips and techniques that can be used in 15 second elevator discussions, formal presentations, written proposals, conference calls, and technical demonstrations. Your team members will learn how to coach each other so the skills will stick with them well beyond the training.

Time: 1 Day
Team: Customer-Facing Team Members

Your customer-facing team will learn how to start winning sales conversations, ask sharper questions, listen and observe the buyer more fiercely, and know when and how to present just enough of your sales story. They will bring real deals from their pipeline to the workshop, learn to do better and more streamlined research so that their questions and presentations can hit the mark faster and more often. They will learn, practice and coach each other on ArrowHead3’s unique Discovery FAST Map, which will guide them through any sales conversation, and provide a repeatable structure to something that has either been over-complicated or ignored.

Time: 1-2 Days to Refresh ArrowHead Presentations™ skills & Prep for Must-Win Deals
(This is a great refresher to ArrowHead Presentations, and a great deal-closer)
Team: Customer-Facing Team Members

Because your industry changes, your company and products grow, and your customers’ needs change, so does your story. The ArrowHead Bullseye Session™ will refresh your team’s ArrowHead Presentations skills while giving them a chance to create a focused presentation for a must-win deal. Your customer-facing team members will swap with each other the stories and techniques that have worked for them, and provide coaching for each other. Your new team members will be introduced to these skills and techniques so your entire team is working from the same StoryQuiver™. This workshop more than pays for itself with these new deals.

ArrowHead3 consultants also provide consulting on sales messaging, presentations, and can help with company make-or-break presentations. They are also outstanding resources for company or sales keynote speeches.