Are You Losing the Story War?

If you think the story war is something that only your marketing VP needs to worry about, maybe you don’t understand what’s at stake. You’re probably in a story war if:

  • You lose deals to inferior products
  • Your buyer cannot explain why your solution is superior
  • Your sales and marketing sing from different songbooks
  • Your product leadership team all describe your solution differently
  • Your buyer is confused after your sales presentation
  • Your solutions looks just like your competitors
  • Your sales cycle is long and drawn out
  • Your buyer is quick to demand discounts
  • Your buyer does not fully understand your value
  • Your buyer does not know how your solution is better than the rest
  • You can’t easily explain to friends at a picnic what your company does

5 Cs of a Winning Story

If you don’t know you’re in a story war, chances are you’re not winning. ArrowHead3 uses Five Cs to help companies to create winning stories. They are Crystallized, Compelling, Competitive, Consistent, and Credible. If you have these, you’ll win your story war.

2 Cs of a Losing Story

If you don’t, by default, you’ll have two other Cs: Confusion and Chaos. And that spells defeat.

“I have been through a lot of training and self-improvement classes before. This one has clearly helped me more than any other – Great job.”
-Steven W., VP, Indirect Sales